Diverse Relationships

Today, as many in the United States are debating issues of marriage and family composition, it is of primary importance that we make clear what we mean and wish to imply in the use of the words “marriage” and “family.”

There are many different types of families in the world today. What was once thought of as the typical and traditional North American family, with the father working, the mother at home, and two children, is typical of only about 10% of the families in the United States. Many people are single heads of household. Some parents are divorced, separated, widowed or have never married. Many couples function as dual career families. Sometimes, in one household, several generations of extended family are living together. Often children are raised with the aid of nannies.

We assist in relationships whether that means a marriage has occurred in the legal sense, whether there is co-habitation, or other forms of family. We welcome members of heterosexual, same-sex, culturally similar, intercultural/interracial and other forms of family composition.

We value the positive impact of stable, long-term, emotionally enriching relationships. We believe that society is better off when social groupings are created that allow for and support these qualities. We recognize that all family forms have inherent strengths and challenges.

We welcome all who would seek out our services in order to build strength and health in their lives, relationships, and in society.