Commitment to a Couple Relationship

Preparing for the Wedding and Your Future

We offer premarital counseling to get you started with skills that will benefit your relationship now and throughout your many years together.

Why wait until problems arise? Many couples think about how much they are willing to invest into a day in their lives, their wedding day, without much thought about the marriage. Counseling can provide you with tools to create a foundation for your relationship and your future life together.

Or maybe you are already wondering how you are going to work through your differences? Counseling can help you develop healthy ways of understanding each other and navigating differences.

  • Building a strong relationship
  • Bringing two families together
  • Dealing with wedding challenges
  • Creating a vision for your future
  • Learning skills to maintain a healthy connection

We offer an on-line assessment that is convenient and reduces the cost of premarital counseling. Let us know if you are interested in this service, we welcome the opportunity to discuss it with you.