Life Transitions

Dealing with changes

Although life transitions happen to us all, how we work together to address these changes can make all the difference in how we experience them.

Let’s face it - even positive changes can be stressful. Getting some support to help you can reduce the stress and increase your ability to enjoy your life.

  • Parenting styles and skills
  • Living with an adolescent
  • Launching children
  • Caring for parents
  • Planning for retirement
  • Getting older

These stages do not occur in exactly the same way in all families. Some families can be in two stages at one time. For example, the same family could be living with an adolescent and launching an older child. Or a family may be launching an older child and taking care of aging parents at the same time. This can add additional stress in everyday life as families and caretakers become overwhelmed.

Did you know that the majority of care is provided by family and friends without any public or professional support? Finding ways to address the needs of all family members is crucial to maintain the health of the family and caretakers.